When the last time…

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we started this site. Talk about slacking. I’ve not posted much, nor have I pressed Doug to do the same. We both have such aspirations when it comes to these things: this site, podcasting, sharing ideas, inspiring others and then life hits. In the past 4 months we’ve lost loved ones, loved ones of loved ones and struggled together and separately with various things. We’ve started new adventures in boxing (me) and jiu jitsu (Doug), as well as continued to fine tune our eating habits and desires to be better physically, in hopes that those things would bring mental wellness. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we really haven’t been slacking. In any case, just posting this as a reminder to me, Doug and anyone reading that it’s never too late to start something and if you think it’s the end of something it isn’t. It’s usually the beginning of something else.

Love always,


Middle Age Love

Your blonde hair turned red
That color running through me
Those cuts and those thoughts
Were yours and you didn’t know

Nights turned into days
I waited and never heard
Your cruelty an incompetence

We lay side by side in a foreign bed
Sit across a wooden table at home
My heart races like tiles and cards
Back and forth but I am silent

The pressures of failure prominent
Accepting spoils and not truths
No escape from work or past
Compromised totally

No need to cover up your age
Your demeanor always betrays you
I hold you close even though
I’m not allowed

Laurel Hill State Park

This is more of a mini-episode, for the sake of argument let’s call it Episode #2 though.

Ang and I had kicked around a few ideas for New Years Day and it came down to checking out this park. Unbelievable to me that we had never been there before considering how it is tucked into an area we visit often.

Below I’ve included the links to the park page and the park map. We drove up Route 31 East to the park. A well placed sign on the right after an Exxon station takes you to Trent Road, then the park entrance on the right of Trent Road. The park office is on the right not far into the park.

Laurel Hill State Park DCNR Page

Laurel Hill State Park Map

We found a coating of snow that really accentuated the park’s beauty. We stopped at a parking area (#6 on the GPS coordinates in the link above) for the Water Line Trail, Martz Trail and the Pump House Trail.

In the middle of the Pump House Trail we found Jones Mill Dam – which really was more of a waterfall after the heavy rainfall the past few days.


We’ll be working on adding some audio clips of the trip.


Happy New Opportunities

I’m writing this post unbeknownst to Doug right now. Well, he might suspect something because I’m typing frantically, but anyway here I am. I just started this site tonight and it’s just a few hours before we turn over to 2016, a new year. I guess I just wanted to say “Hello there and welcome” if you’ve chosen to purposefully visit our site, check out our first podcast, or if you’re just accidentally passing through. I am hoping that this site AND every day this upcoming year treat you well and provide many extraordinary opportunities, dare I say blessings. Be kind to yourself and others. Thank you.


“No matter where you go and what you do, always mean well.” -KAB